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Environmental Policy

Much of Africa is almost the ‘last frontier’, and is one of the few places on Earth where the effects of climate, rainfall, seasonal variations and human impact are not readily noticeable. We wish our guests to leave Africa more informed and ecologically aware than when they arrived. We try to make travellers more appreciative not only of Africa but also of their homes and the world.

As a responsible tour operator, we are cooperating only with companies that work hard to ensure that the tourism operations we have benefit the host communities and local and national economies as well as having a minimal impact on the natural environment. To us that doesn’t mean high-profile gestures, it means working responsibly with our suppliers on a continuous day-to-day basis, and giving them long-term support in lost of ways.

The commitment to be environmentally and sustainably-minded was in the DNA of the companies we work with from the beginning. This commitment is of growing importance to all of us, especially those in the tourism industry – where we consider we have an important role to play in ensuring positive and sustainable development in all the regions we serve. Our service providers have worked with the Wilderness Foundation in South Africa to establish an independently audited Green Leaf Environmental Standard ( which has gained recognition throughout the African continent.

It continues to be a core element of Adventures Africa to promote and develop tourism products and services that are environmentally, socially and culturally sustainable.